First blog post

Hi, my name is Kate. In October of 2015 I developed Obsessive Birding Disorder. Since then it has been an uphill battle fighting constant recurring thoughts about birds, urges to locate, identify and photograph them, as well as dealing with extreme anxiety when I am not able to go birding. This blog chronicles my obsession. If you have been diagnosed with Obsessive Birding Disorder as well let’s share in our journey together.

3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Hi Kate,
    I’m Robbin, a friend of Ella Smith’s. She gave me your blog link since I also developed OBD in about February 2016. I’ve photographed all the species you’ve posted and in one case (gray owl at Bentsen) the exact bird. Went on my first trip to the Valley Feb. 3-5. Maybe we were even there eat the same time! I usually go out with a friend I met through the Birds of Texas Facebook page. I post my pics on Flicker at

    Look forward to reading your blog.

    I’ve been birding this weekend since it’s the Great Backyard Bird Count and I actually discovered a rare bird – a first for Fort Bend County – a groove-billed ani at Sugar Land Memorial Park. No idea why it’s there, but it is missing part of its tail. I found it Friday evening about 4:30-5 pm. Two other birders and I found it again Sat morning and confirmed it and got better photos. It was found by another birder again this morning at 8:45 if you want to look for it.


    1. Robin,
      Wow, that is so awesome about the Groove-billed Ani! Love your photos on Flickr, especially the Great Blue Heron ones. We were totally in the Valley at the same time as you! That is too funny! We went to Estero Llano, Santa Ana NWR, and Bentsen-Rio, so we’ll have to discuss what birds we saw. I love your pic of the Clay-colored Thrush – we saw it but no photos. Also saw a Green Kingfisher twice but no photos (they are SO finicky!) What are your favorite birding spots in the Sugar Land/Houston area aside from Sugar Land Memorial? Have you been to the Riverpark Nature Trails? What type of camera/lens do you use?
      Happy Birding fellow OBD friend,


      1. I go lots of places. Do you track your birds on eBird? I do. I also put the location of all the birds on my Flickr so you can see where they were taken. Do you ever go to Seabourne Creek in Rosenberg? Not far and I like it. I just got the Great Horned Owl out on the Katy Prairie. I’m going on the guided bird walk this Thursday morning at Bear Creek Park and hope to get the Greater Peewee. It’s led by Kendra who birds by ear. I’m also going to the Whooping Crane festival in Aransas Friday and going on the van tour at the Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR on March 4. And then I’m super excited to be going to the Galapagos over Spring Break (March 9-19). Sending my two boys (10th and 11th grade) to the grandparents in Florida. Do you get to bird on weekdays or do you have a job?



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