Burrowing Owl


Burrowing Owl, gravel farm road in the middle of nowhere, ten miles away from Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, Alamo, Texas

When the kind park volunteer at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge told us exactly where to find a Burrowing Owl (about ten miles outside the park) I had my doubts. Sure, let’s say we made it successfully to the right spot and located the Burrowing Owl holes, what were the chances we would actually see a Burrowing Owl? Not to mention it would be super easy to take a wrong turn and end up in Mexico! But did that stop two intrepid young birders from seeking out this almost mythical looking creature? We followed the directions and scoured the side of the road until we found what appeared to be Burrowing Owl holes. After straining my eyes for awhile I spotted two bright yellow eyes peering at me, a Burrowing Owl perched down like a cat. When I hissed at my husband that I had found the owl and snapped a few security photos, I tossed him my camera so he could see through the lens, then he burst out laughing. The owl did not seem amused, his eyes following Peter as he walked back and forth along the little gravel road. It almost didn’t seem real, being out in the middle of nowhere near the Texas and Mexico border. After a few minutes of us observing each other the owl flew off to another hole and was gone.

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