Northern Shoveler


Northern Shoveler, Estero Llano Grande State Park, Weslaco, Texas

Since I’m stuck at home with the stomach flu and can’t go birding (not cool especially since it’s March on the cusp of migration) I’m doing the next best thing – all of you photographers can identify – going through old pictures. With a full life and the multitude of photos taken on my trip to the Valley I have not been able to go through all of them!

On to the Northern Shoveler. Flipping through field guides I had never really thought much of these guys. I was more excited about possibly seeing a Cinnamon Teal (which I did see after five minutes at the park.) But the Northern Shovelers caught my eye immediately with their bold green iridescent coloring and huge bills, and I found myself more intrigued by them than the Cinnamon Teals.

So Happy Friday, OBD friends! I leave you with this Northern Shoveler shot. I may be offline for a few days depending on how I feel.





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