Belted Kingfisher


Belted Kingfisher female, Sugar Land, Texas

There has been a lot of construction and traffic near my house lately as they have been widening the road. Instead of being irritated I use that moment of being at a standstill on the bridge to scan the bayou for birds and wildlife. It’s always a bit of a thrill. Will I see a Great Blue Heron? A Roseate Spoonbill? A few White Ibises? Nine times out of ten I see something interesting. No matter what it is always more interesting than the boring, mundane To-Do list tasks ruminating in my brain.

I have glimpsed this beauty a few times driving past this bayou. So one day I pulled over on the side of the road and attempted a few pics. She was shy but allowed me closer than any Kingfisher I have ever encountered, which still wasn’t that close (they are seriously the most finicky birds).

I love seeing beauty in the midst of frustration and chaos – it can be easy to miss if you don’t make an effort to see it. Birding helps me live in the present moment and be in harmony with the world around me. It’s unpredictable and I can’t control it and accepting that is freeing.







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